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Law of Attraction

Wealth Beyond Reason was created by Bob Doyle to provide a useful and leading library of content about the creation of wealth using the Law of Attraction.

This Law is not new, it is and always has been with us. Quantum Physics is still yet to be fully understood. But one thing to which is already understood is that everything is energy, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Energy is vibrating at different frequencies, and as everything is energy, everything is vibrating. The Law of Attraction states "that which is like unto itself is draw", like attracts like, the Christian Religion in it's teaching says "As we sow, so shall we reap".

As everything is energy and everything is vibrating, then our thoughts are also forms of energy vibrating at certain frequencies. The Law of Attraction says "what is like unto itself is drawn", as our thoughts are also energy our thoughts must then follow this infallible law, and as like attracts like every thought vibrates a like vibration back.


Today in the 21st Century Theology and Science are coming together in agreement at a rate and pace unheard of at any other time in our human history. Its like the curtain has been lifted and for the first time the population of this fantastic planet are waking up and taking notice.

Those who have no ties to any form or religion are now realizing the truth behind some of the teachings of our spiritual leaders, and those who follow these teachings are also now able to see scientific proof of this infallible law.


Bob Doyle - Wealth Beyond Reason

Bob's program is dedicated to providing a range of material in the form of books and audio's to help us as individuals find the keys to utilizing this Law in our daily lives.

As I mentioned above, this is not a new age thing, this law is and has been with us right from the beginning of our birth. The Law of Attraction works all the time for everyone without prejudice, every minute of every day. So there is nothing new to learn, you can't suddenly say that I will look into this on the weekend when I have the time, as this law is already working in your life, so time is irrelevant.

I agree though that it seems to be the new flavor of the moment, everyone is talking about the "Secret", everyone is quoting this Law as if its just come of age. This I believe is because Theology and Science have finally come into agreement and we as a species on this planet have finally begun to GET IT.


Wealth Beyond Reason grew from Bob's personal wanting to understand how to use this Law in his daily life.

Bob program covers this Law from all angles and all sides of the argument, from the spiritual to the scientific. He has easy to read and understand material explaining quantum physic's and how god, the universe (whatever name you call it), fits into the equation.


Bob Doyle's program has to be the cheapest and most comprehensive of its type available in the market place. There are many others who are now jumping up to be heard whom are yet to offer the same quantity and quality of material found in Bob's Program

I think this is because Bob had already amassed and created his program long before today's media began to talk about it as if it was yesterday news. Thanks to the media his program has gone ahead in leaps and bounds, but that was a by product, he did not create the program to suit the times, the times caught up with his program.

This is one of the reasons I love Wealth Beyond Reason so much, he has amassed a wealth of information and material because he wanted to understand for himself, he wasn't out to fill a marketing void created by the media.

I challenge everyone to find a more comprehensive program for such a small price.

Bob Doyle = Wealth Beyond Reason

Wealth Beyond Reason


Some of What's in his Program

Wealth Beyond Reason is packed full of Audio after Audio. If your like me and you cant always find the time to sit and read, you have hours after hours after hours of audio content that you can listen to. The audio's are a combination of his own personal seminar material and one on one interviews with authors and other leading speakers.

I have several CD's which I put together so I could listen to the material on the way to work. Instead of listening to the radio (well most of the time) I put in one of these CD's and re listen to one of his many interviews or seminars.

Because his material is so packed full with goodies, and so comprehensive, I am still amazed after 2 years of listening that I am still picking up tips and tricks.

His Audio's are not one time throw away's, unless you are able to absorb everything the first time round, you will find that you can come back months later and listen to the same audio and discover something new. It may also be the case that you tend to grow and change over time and something your previously heard now has a new meaning or new insight.


Some of the downloadable audio materials (one on one interviews):

David Cameron
Author - A Happy Pocket Full of Money

Tom and Penelope Pauley
Authors of "I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams! I Am! I Am! I Am!"

Michael Losier
Author of "The Law of Attraction"

James Arthur Ray
Quantum Physics Explained - Featured in "The Secret"

Joe Vitale
Author of "Spiritual Marketing"

Stuart Lichtman
Author, "How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast!"

I think there are about 20 or so of these one on one audio's available, this is not including his own material.


He also has about 10 full coaching seminars, meditation audio's and other content audio's covering this topic. He also has a range of ebook's (in pdf format) which you can read.

In general his program is so packed full of content that I may not have done it justice by mentioning just the few items listed above.




Most possibly the Cheapest and most comprehensive collection of material provided in any program of its type available anywhere.

Many other individuals offer programs for up to 10 times the price of Bob's, with only a quarter of the material available.

Bob is up front and clear in that he does not profess to know it all, nor does he profess to have the one and only program. He makes it clear that there are also additional programs and books and material available which can and will be of help to everyone.

For me, I have personally read and purchased other material from other individuals, this is because I love to learn.. But knowing what I know now, and after purchasing other programs, if I was back at day one on my journey, Bob's program would 100% be my first port of call.




Bob Doyle - Wealth Beyond Reason

Wealth Beyond Reason