Comodo Fire Wall

Firewall's can prevent hackers from hacking into your computers, as well as advising you when a particular program is attempting to access the internet.


Note: Only 2 Way Firewall's such as Comodo Firewall enable you to have protection from outside hackers as well as enabling you to see what software is attempting to access the net.

This is important as you could accidentally open up an email with a program that attempts to access the net.


Comodo Firewall for Security and Safety on the Internet

Comodo Firewall


But isn't the antivirus software suppose to stop this?

Yes and No... You see, if its a known virus the antivirus software should automatically prevent this from happening. But what if it is something that is not recognized by the antivirus program, the firewall will see it trying to access the net and can inform you of this, asking if its is allowed to access the internet.


My kids have pc's in their rooms, and if they suddenly get something trying to access the internet, then they know the 1st rule of internet access in my house is to tell the firewall that the program does not have permission to access the internet.

A good firewall program will ask you a simple yes or no question in relation to any software accessing the net for the first time. You can then usually create a permission rule to inform the firewall that this is ok in the future. or that it is never ok.

For Example: If you just installed an antivirus program and the software attempts to access the internet and the firewall pops up asking you if this is ok, then its obvious that you want to create a permanent permission to allow the newly installed virus program to automatically access the net for future updates.


Of course the tricky bit is knowing what is ok to access the net and what is not.

Over time I have become use to common things, and you will too. But if I see something out of the normal, or for example something wants to access the net and I have not installed a new program etc... then I write down the name of the file and any other information the firewall is displaying to me and do a search using google to see what it is.


Hackers and the Internet

A lot of talk continues to revolve around hackers and what they do. It could be said that the average hacker has not real need to hack into the domestic user, as what's the point? Most hackers really want to target big companies for the trill or some other advantageous opportunity.

But in learning this skill, and we have to admit that it is a skill, they will target the domestic computers as a way of harnessing their abilities.


To give you an idea of the potential, lets look at the market research I did into keywords searched over the net, the key phrases below show the total of searches over 3 search engines. It lets you see just how many people are looking at learning this art, or wanting information about it


Keywords Searched Per Day
become hacker 1702
hacker programs 1053
learn to be a hacker 283
credit card generator hacker 74
how to become a hacker 49
hacker tools 792
password hackers 1046
hackers 1198

The above searches happen on average per day, and that's for those set of keywords, there are going to be 100's of other searches not listed above


As you can see it is important to be protected

Comodo Firewall for Security and Safety on the Internet

Comodo Firewall



What about the Windows Firewall

I would not even consider the firewall that comes any windows operating system.

Go to Google and do a simple search on the Windows XP or Vista Firewall's and you will see that they are similar to leaving your front and back door open and placing an add in the local paper to let everyone know when you are going on holidays.


I am not trying to disrespect Windows, we have to face the real facts that the windows operating system has made the world of personal computers a mainstream accessible media for everyone. Yes it has some issues but I'm not perfect either.

I was around in the early days of pc's, when the AT and a 40mg hard drive meant you were a King. Using simplistic menu systems and every 2nd business had its own internal system, it was a nightmare. Windows has certainly changed the pc and I for one would never go back to the old days.

I know some say that Linux is better and more stable, and its sort of like VHS Video verse Beta Cord, VHS was 2nd class compared to Beta Cord, but good marketing made VHS the standard. However the problem with Linux was that the average person (including me) had no idea how to use it, its only now 20 years on that Linux is becoming more user friendly.



What is the Best Firewall Program to Purchase

Firewall's are in the same class as virus programs. Just because the box says it has a firewall does not mean it works that well.

Looking at the section where I talk about Adware Software you will see that I 100% support and recommend only LavaSoft for this area of protection. However, they also have a firewall but I don't use it.

I sort of look at it like this, just because you can raise cows, doesn't mean you know how to raise greyhounds.


Comodo is the only firewall I now install on any of my pc's


For me protection comes by having all 3 doors covered, a good Firewall such as Comodo, a Antivirus program and Ad-Aware from LavaSoft.


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Comodo Firewall for Security and Safety on the Internet