Meditation in Todays World

Meditation was previously considered by many to be an activity which only monks and other new age individuals performed.

Meditation has now become an acceptable mainstream activity because of its calming effects on both the mind and body.  In fact many doctors and leading professionals are now turning to meditation to resolve problems with stress and anxiety.

Many professionals in many fields perform periods of meditation throughout their day to gain greater insight and focus for the task at hand.

Many Doctors are now prescribing that clients take a proactive part in their remaining healthy by performing such activities as meditation.  Meditation is thought to have remarkable positive effects on clients with all kinds of medical conditions. 


Meditation and The Law of Attraction

All the current teachers of this law will tell you that meditation is the only way to truly quite the mind.  Its during meditation that you inner being can talk to you allowing you to have uninterrupted periods of vibrational alignment with the universe.

In fact meditation isn’t something which is new, it dates back to many thousands of years, Jesus said “to be still and go within”


There are many methods of meditation being taught, so there is much confusion with regard to the best approach for you to take.

It should be remembered that no meditation is bad meditation, so any form of meditation should be looked upon as being good for you.  But no one particular style of meditation should be looked upon as being the only way to meditate.

The simplest form of mediation is one which you can do right now where you are.  By closing your eyes and focusing upon your breath, feeling it coming and going, feeling your chest rising and falling, and then as your mind wanders, and it will, you gently push those thoughts aside and focus back upon your breath. That’s it, that’s meditation.


Meditation is time spent with ones self in deliberate quiet contemplation.  But there are many ways to meditate, and many methods by which you can use this time to bring yourself into vibrational alignment.

I personally have used many different methods and I am always open to trialing something new.  I am aware of the benefit it brings, and am more then happy to try all the many different methods of meditation. 

There are mediations which work on the effects of chanting, visualizing, breathing, focusing on different body parts, listening to music, listening to guided motivational scripts and the list continues to grow.

The most common complaint by newcomers to mediation is that they find it hard to just be, allowing no thought to come into the mind.  This is a learned process, one which takes many years to master.  Many of those in the East have called this chatter to be that of the “Monkey Mind”, an endless chatter of thoughts and words.



Guided Meditations

Listening to guided meditations is a fast and effective way to quite the mind.  There are many guided mediations available.  You can easily find many examples of guided meditation scripts on the internet.  The only problem with some of these scripts are that they can be too short, and just about the time you get into the script they end.

Each person is different and you may find that many short guided mediations are perfect for you, but if you are like me you will want to find those of at least a min length of 20 to 25 minutes.  The longer the better, but again if you only have short periods to dedicate to mediation then short guided mediations are for you.


I have many guided mediations which I use, some of which I have gathered over years of trial and error.  If I was to recommend any scripts at this time I would recommend the following scripts, which are the current guided meditations I am using. 

This link is a direct link to a list of the scripts I am currently using:

Attracting Abundance and Releasing Stress

Guided Mediations





One aspect I like about these scripts is that some of them leave you in a rested state where you are able to continue personal mediation after listening to the scripts themselves.  This means that I able to have more moments of quite personal meditation by focusing only on my breathing with no mind chatter, which is a great way to end a guided mediation script.






Guided Mediations