Attracting Abundance

Attracting Abundance with Carol Look

There is not one person on the planet whom would knock back more money, more love, more joy and happiness.

Carol Look is a leading Practitioner of EFT and is on the leading edge of releasing limiting blocks which prevent us from attracting the abundance to which we all strive to enjoy.


When I speak of Abundance the first thing that comes to our mind is usually money and wealth. But in reality money is only one part of the true Abundance to which most of us speak of.

Money in itself is only paper and metal, it is essentially a method of exchange. Most of us say we want more money only because we expect that it will give us more choices to enjoy more things. So essentially whilst most of us want more money, we really want more choices.

More choices means more opportunity to buy nice clothes, being able to enjoy a movie without feeling guilty about spending the rent money on the movie and popcorn, we strive for more happiness, and a sense of a loving and fulfilled life.

Its obvious that in the 21st century money is one of the major methods of exchange to which a lot of opportunities arise, without money a lot of these choices seem out of our control.


Attracting Abundance with Carol Look

Attracting Abundance


Attracting Abundance with EFT

As we established above, Abundance is really about having more choices to enjoy more of the things that make our individual hearts sing.

Carol's book (or audio) is all about releasing some of the limiting beliefs which hold us back from attracting those opportunities to make the heart sing.

EFT is at the forefront of releasing therapy, so when coupled with years of insight from Carol's personal work, the outcome is her guide to Attracting Abundance with EFT.


Naturally so much of our thought behavior is tied up with money and the lack of it, the wanting of more etc... So it's only natural that Carol's Guide to Attracting Abundance also covers this area.

What you will find from the moment that you begin to utilize EFT whilst following along to some of her scripts is that layers of frustration that surrounds around money and the lack of it, seems to simply fall away (this was my experience).


But her EFT Scripts are not aimed in only one direction, the scripts do not all cover just money and the lack of it. In fact sometimes you may be led to think that she has moved away from the title of the book completely.

This is because limiting beliefs which surround the attracting of abundance is not only about money, its about love, happiness, friendship, joy and all the other stuff that we think money will give us. Sometimes when we stop and look, joy is all around us, we just cant see it from the forest of hurt which life has grown up around us.


Carol's book covers more than just the Attraction of Money, it's about the Attraction of Abundance as a whole.


Some of the topics covered are:

  Procrastination Blocks My Abundance
Fear Of Success
I’d Rather Feel Safe Than Successful
Blocking Success
Guilt About Having More
Fear Of Rejection
Being Afraid To “Rock The Boat”
Money Anxiety
Scarcity Of Money
Money Doesn’t Come Easily
Can’t Be Happy Until...
Can’t Feel Good Until...
Belief In Poverty


Don't forget that her guide can also be purchased in audio format, which is awesome for those like myself whom prefer to listen rather than having to read all the time.





Attracting Abundance


Attracting Abundance with Carol Look