Money Beyond Belief

Attracting Wealth with Brad Yates & Joe Vitale

Money Beyond Belief is an extraordinary product for helping to release the blocks which hold us back from having more money and wealth in our lives.

Brad Yates is a highly regarded Professional with an impressive portfolio, spending a good part of the last decade dedicated to helping others release blocks which hold people back in all areas of life. His preferred method of energy psychology to releasing these limiting beliefs is via the use of EFT.



Money Beyond Belief with Brad Yates

Brads approach to EFT is all about having fun, as he puts it "we are going to be tapping anyway, so we may as well make the process enjoyable". His method of delivery will allow you to relax almost instantly, allowing you to become part of the process rather than an outsider looking in.


Life is not always about having more money, but lets face it, more is always better than less. If you have more money and wealth you can spend more of your life enjoying yourself.

If you think that money and wealth is not a good spiritual goal, then give it away. After all the pursuit of money is not evil, money is simply paper, its what people do with it that's evil.



There is a long held belief which is wrong, but has been passed down from generation to generation, the belief that

"money is the root of all evil"


Yeah right, that statement is a load of crap...


That's a passage that someone took from the bible one sunday morning and twisted it to suit the sermon. You see that's not what the Bible says, the bible actually say's "The Love of money is the root of all evil".

Anyone wishing to spend some time in research will discover that Brad Yates is also one of the most spiritual people you will meet. His love of life, love of people, love of enjoyment and happiness are at the core of his beliefs.


Money is simply a tool, a method of exchange which opens up more choices in this vast world of ours


So the next time that someone says to you that money is not spiritual, ask them if they Love Money, if they do, then yes they are not spiritual, else tell them to grow up. A poor beggar cannot help the blind man down the road, but an effluent wealthy and loving man can help all the blind people in the community and can also help the beggar down the road.


Money Beyond Belief wth Brad Yates

Money Beyond Belief 


Money beyond belief comes in an audio format which is exactly the perfect way to use his material. He also provides an ebook which you can print out and read (for those who prefer this).

One thing I advise anyone to do when using these audio's is to find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed, and prepare for hours of tapping. Brad covers so much, in such a short span of time that he will leave you wanting to catch your breath. It will also become obvious that the whole process will need to be stretched over several sessions, as there is so much material.


Remember that EFT is not something you do today and give it up tomorrow. So when you go over Brad's material, have a break, put it on the shelf and dust it off once a month, you will be surprised how more layers of limiting beliefs seem to fall away each time you re listen and perform the process.


Your small outlay will enable you to receive gains over and over, each time your reuse the program you will remove a layer of limiting belief that life has built up around you.


Money Beyond Belief wth Brad Yates

Money Beyond Belief 




Money Beyond Belief wth Brad Yates

Money Beyond Belief