Amazon Online Book Store

Amazon was first created as an online book store dealing in new and used books, and has now grown into an online shopping site.

Amazon have been at the forefront of online shopping and also have the claim to fame for the infamous "One Click Patent".

For the book purchaser Amazon is a dream, but as a publisher or author many are not entirely happy with their approach and have been very outspoken critics..

Love or Hate em, they are the first place I go for online book purchasing.


Purchasing Books Online

Amazon is a great place to purchase reading material on almost any topic.

I love the fact that you are able to see and read the comments made from previous purchasers, prior to purchasing the book.

Not only can you purchase the books new, but you can also purchase 2nd hand books. This is one of the amazing aspects of Amazon which continues to draw clients.


Cost of Delivery

The cost of delivery books for those living in the US are exceptionally well priced. I have seen some private authors who have clearly stated that they cannot compete themselves selling their own books direct from their own sites due to the great delivery rates quoted by Amazon.

However, outside of the US the rates do jump. Obviously this is outside of Amazon control, but this does cause the cost of some books to jump dramatically in price when delivery is added.

In the last several years I have purchased a great many books from Amazon and had to accept the delivery price as part of doing business with them.



EBook's and Audible's

Some studies have now shown that the demand for published books in hard copy may in fact be slowing, with many book stores now closing in many cities and countries worldwide.

I have not personally seen any statistics about the effect on online companies such as Amazon, but being that they sell worldwide I would suspect that their sales are still strong as online selling is still only in its infancy.

However it has been noted that ebook's are now generating an incredible amount of sales. Many individuals are now turning to ebook's as they can by pass the delivery charges and retain more of the sale price back into profits for themselves instead of loosing over 90% to the publisher. Obviously this method of publishing is not going to work for all authors.


Even though I will always purchase hard copy books as I like the ability of sitting under a tree, or simply laying in bed reading a book, I am now shifting to Audible's due to the ease of being able to listen whilst I perform other activities.

By purchasing a book as an Audible I am able to simply click the play button, close my eyes and relax whilst listening to someone else read the book to me. I now find that I can listen to the same book more than once in a very short time period. I am also enjoying the fact that I can purchase in some cases 3 times the amount of books previously purchased due to the saving on delivery and publishing costs.



Amazon are still worlds ahead as an Online Book Store

When looking for a book in hard copy Amazon is still my first port of call. At times I do go to the local book store, however the range of books available on amazon out performs any of the local book stores I go to, and in some cases the books are only available through Amazon so it would be pointless for me to go to a book stores.