Ebay Selling and Purchasing

Auctions and Sales

Ebay still seems to maintain a firm footing at being number 1 for online auction and selling.

Personally I use ebay on a regular and consistent basis. If I am looking to purchase an item I will usually always look on ebay first. I wont always purchase from ebay sellers as sometimes the price comparison is negligible and sometimes I want it now and not next week.

However there are so many bargains to be had on ebay if you have the time to wait. For example I have 2 dogs, and each month I make sure they are treated for flees and ticks, if I miss a month they usually end up scratching large chunks of hair off as the flees attack them.

I use to purchase the flee stuff from the local vet, but not any more. I have found that if I pay a little more now I can purchase a bulk lot which will do my dogs for 3 months. I usually end up paying about half the cost. The most important thing for me to do is to always purchase a month in advance so I allow for postage time, as the flees don't seem to wait for me if I purchase at the last minute.


Ebay Tragic Stories

I know and understand that everyone has at least one story of how ebay purchasing went wrong. I too have a couple, but the amounts most usually talked about are less than a hundred dollars, so we are not talking about bank busting amounts here.

I suspect that those who got into trouble with 1000's of dollars were going to get themselves into trouble anyway. Ebay have some specific guidelines that if followed will prevent a lot of these issues.

Like never send cash through Western Union or do Direct Bank Deposits. Western Union is usually the means by which scam artists will ask for money as it is non traceable (this goes for any dealings over the net for anything at any time and does not simply apply to ebay, if someone wants you to pay by Western Union, then run away fast), and because everything can be done easily through paypal there is no need for direct bank deposits.


If you are frightened about online purchasing using ebay then in the end I believe you are missing out on savings after savings.

To date I would have to say that I have saved myself in excess of at least $5000 in cold hard cash by using ebay. Of course it is easy for some to get excessive with ebay purchases, but I only ever look at ebay when I am genuine about purchasing an item, I don't go looking for things to buy simply because I can.


Be smart before placing a bid

I believe Ebay comes down to common sense. I always look at the comments left by others and make sure that the seller has sold before. Its obvious that everyone has to start somewhere, so if the person is new to selling I want to see that they have used ebay themselves for purchases and that they have received good comments (I want to see about 10 purchases). If not then I skip them and look elsewhere.

By being a little picky you can automatically begin to turn the percentages into your favor. If I see that someone has had complaints I will read what the complaints were, if it was trivial stuff then I will ignore it providing that there average positive rating is at least 95% and above.

You have to remember that some people are morons and will complain about anything, they are the same people who will complain to the radio station because it rained and the weather man got it wrong. (wean out the false complaints from the real ones)

Do some research on the item being sold. For example; I purchased a water purification system from a seller recently, but I checked out the name and brand and price prior to bidding. A little time researching using google meant I knew exactly what it was that I was bidding on, and I knew exactly how much the true retail price was so I knew if I was getting a bargain (which I did, I got it for a third of the usual retail cost)


Don't be in a hurry

Set a figure in your head about the price you want to pay and stick to it. Obviously if it is an item which is rare and you may never see it again, then you may have to adjust your price accordingly.

However, if it is an item which comes up regularly then why be impatient, why not wait until you get the item at the price you want. Yes you may have to wait a while but it will mean more dollars in your pocket. I always know my limit and stop, and I always eventually get the item for the price I wanted anyway.