Creating Online Newsletters

The popularity of creating an online newletter is increasing with more and more sites offering newsletters to customers and guests. Why?, the answer is marketing.


What is a Newsletter useful for ?

Newsletters from my perspective have only 2 useful purposes:


As another method of promoting your goods or services which enables you to remain in constant contact with your clients


As a means of providing free useful information and tips



Emailing Newsletters

It seems to be all the rage at the moment to have your site provide free newsletters to clients for a whole range of topics. Sales Marketing People will tell you that this is a gem for any business, as it means you are able to remain in contact with potential clients long after they have left your site.

I agree that this is a wonderful tool and I do employ newsletters on many of my sites for a variety of reasons.

I also opt to join any newsletter which I feel could offer me some benefit. I most likely receive at least a dozen newsletters every day in my inbox from a variety of subjects.

Some are from shopping sites where I like to glance at the specials on the front page and delete the email if nothing grabs me to look further. I also receive emails from a lot of individuals on subject matter that I am interested in and I do sometimes spend the odd hour reading. I must admit that I do delete a lot of newsletters on the day I receive them as once glanced at I no longer need them.


Email Newsletters are being Flogged to Death

This form of marketing is also being flogged to death by some of those in our community and because of this it is beginning to loose some of its credibility

The problem exists when you sign up for a newsletter and then receive one or even two emails a day from these individuals trying to flog you products. Because of this many individuals are now beginning to turn away from signing up for newsletters.

Email newsletters by current internet standards are also suppose to have a method by which you can opt out of the newsletter, thus having your email address removed from further contact. If an individual begins to snow me under with useless newsletters and emails I simply click the link to opt out of their newsletter, thus they then loose my contact details, and if they did happen to have an item which I wanted they miss out because of their own stupidity.


I do However Continue to Support the use of Newsletters

Even though some individuals are flogging newsletters to death I still have to agree in general with offering them to your clients.

Its a proven fact that eventually almost everyone purchases something that was offered on a newsletter. I have personally purchased many items over the years from newsletters, mostly due to price, or I just wanted the item and they happened to be at the right place at the right time.

The idea I feel is to be genuine in your approach, be up front and be honest with your material. If you offer newsletters from your site then use the same approach as you would if you were posting using standard mail. If you tried to send a newsletter every day via standard post you would go broke due to the huge postage costs, so why treat the internet any different.

Unless you are a big organization that sells thousands of goods every day then there will be no need to send out daily newsletters, they just become junk in peoples inbox and end up annoying everyone.



Newsletter Resources

There are now a wide range of companies offering resources to help you with the collection of email address and the issuing of newsletters.

I have found that some are just plain difficult to use and very limited with what they offer. I have spent hours and hours trying to use some of these platforms and have simply given up in frustration.

Many will offer you a free trial period, so the most important thing that anyone can do is to make use of this free trial period and test the service before paying any money.

I advise you to see how it works from both your side and the customer side. Place a dummy page or similar on your site and sign up the newsletter as if you were a customer. This may require that you have additional email accounts, so use hotmail or similar, this is what I use for all my junk.



I Recommend Constant Contact

I personally have found the platform provided by Constant Contact to be fairly simple to use. Out of all the many that I tested this came out on top, whilst I still think that they all need improving, including Constant Contact, they are by far the best of the bunch.

They also offer a Full 60 Day Free trial period so you can fully test their service. I found that most of the other companies only offered you 21 to 30 days.

I think that because Constant Contact is so easy to use they can afford to give you such a long trial period as they know you will most likely stay with them anyway.

All those in this industry have very similar pricing structures so for us it had to be about simplicity.



Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact 


Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact