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Tips to help you with designing and Creating your Website

Tip 1

The first page of the website is always called the index.htm or html page, so you must always save the first page by that name. This is website 101, but many newcomers do not initially realize this when they begin to play with their first creation.

When someone types in your domain name.. eg. the server automatically looks for a page called index.htm or index.html

If you were to type either of these into the browser it will bring up the same page, as the first page is always the index page:


Tip 2

Do NOT use Capital Letters when saving your individual web site pages.

In most cases your website will still work fine, however I have seen many issues when it comes to people linking to website's with capital letters in the page name.

In reality it should make no difference in the 21st century, however I suffered painfully from making this mistake. I don't feel that this will always be an issue as the website evolves but for now learn from my mistakes.

If you look at the name of this web page it is called creatingawebsite.htm

It is a mistake to save with capitals such as: CreatingAWebsite.htm or CREATINGAWEBSITE.htm

only use lower case such as: creatingawebsite.htm


Tip 3

The site needs to instantly tell those visiting what it is about. Offering 100 words to describe a pencil is still a pencil

To many slick salesmen are trying to hide what they do. They think it will cause people to stick around longer, read more text, just to find out more information about what they are offering.

Wrong, most people are beginning to be turned of with this approach.

I agree 100% that you should Create and Design your website with promotion in mind, but be up front.


Tip 4

Do Read this page where I talk about some common myths


Tip 5

When using images you need to keep them small. The smaller they are the quicker the page will come into the visitors browser.

Remember that sometimes you can reduce the file size (without effecting the image size) by using software such as photoelf


Tip 6

Its all about easy reading.

Design your website keeping your backgrounds light in color. Make sure the font color stands out, preferably keep your text to black. You would not use a green font on a green background (but people do).

Only use italics or bold or CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasis words not whole pages, as it makes it hard to read. If its hard to read people will go elsewhere (I know I do)


Tip 7

Structure and Design the Layout.

This means that if you must write a 1000 words provide space and headings where appropriate. Mix it up a little to keep it pleasing without being distracting.

Look over this site and you will see that even though our site is all about words, we space it out, put in headings and double space lines where appropriate

How many times have you gone to sites with 1000 words in one big paragraph, keep it as friendly to read as possible.


Tip 8

Keep the Website Design Simple

The is not always a need to be the best of the best and to prove you can. This is the job of the Ego and we all have one, sometimes we have big ones.

Keep the Design Simple. Remember in the 21st Century its all about having it now, and in this instant society most people don't have the time absorb your design format, they automatically expect that your site will be similar to every other site on the internet.

Eg. almost 99% of site have there menus on the left side or along the top, so why be different and put it on the right just because you can.


Tip 9

If you have something to sell then show the price

It seems to be a trend to force people to click on a buy now link before they can see the cost of the product. If you cannot stand behind your product without trying to hide the price then is the product really that useful or is it simply a gimmick to obtain funds from another persons pocket.

I know we at safeshopping link to some information products on our site and they use this approach, but because we know and use the product ourselves we are happy to recommend it. Even though I and the majority of average internet users do not agree with price hiding.

I know that marketers will tell you that this is a way to make more sales, but the internet is all about people to people, would you hide the price if you were selling something in a shop ??.... I think not. So why do so many slick marketers think that this is an appropriate trick to use on a website.


Tip 10

Do NOT have music playing on your site

Unless it is specific. ie. you encourage people to click a link to hear something.

There is nothing more unprofessional then to go to a site and the moment the page opens you hear some jingle blasting from your speakers. To me its not only unprofessional but offensive and demeaning to ones intelligence.

This goes hand in hand with Tip 8 above, just because you can does not mean you should.


Tip 11

Keep you website consistent

Where possible keep the layout and design similar throughout the WHOLE of your site. If you want people to become confused and loose their way then don't listen to this point.


Tip 12

Don't repeat content

I understand that in some cases it is a must. But in 99% of cases repeating the same message over and over will bore the crap out of your visitors.

No-one wants to read the same content, unless it is specific to another point and has to be repeated for clarity.

Also, search engines are critical of this point. When they crawl your site they also look at content, if it is repeated content over and over then they will mark your site rating down.


Tip 13

Do Not use Free Url's, grab a Domain Name.

If your a small business starting out do not use the free url's provided by your isp or some other free site. Yes you may think you are saving $15 - $20 by doing this, but what's the point, it can hurt you in the long run can also project the wrong image to your visitors. You want your visitors to feel they are dealing with someone who has longevity.

Read our information about domain names on our dedicated page.



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