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Finding a cheap quality web host for your website is the first step to being on the net. But it can be a costly affair if you select a useless host company. If your site is down 3 days a week or if it comes in at snail speed to visitors browsers then paying an extra $50 a year would have been a lot smarter. At best In many cases that is all the difference is, an amount of $50 to obtain quality web hosting.


I like to look at Web Hosting as being similar to the function of a Post Office. The only reason a Post Office exists is because we write letters to be distributed. When we post a letter it goes to a sorting room at the post office, and then to another post office at the other end to be sorted and delivered.

The only reason a Web Host Provider exists is because we need a central place for our website. When sending a request from our browser it is forwarded to domain servers (post offices) who then direct us to the location on the net where the site is. That's it, it's not rocket science.


Web Hosting Companies only exist because of us, so if they are not providing you with what you want, then you best go find someone that will. Don't be fooled into the tricks that some play, like; your web site could be down for weeks if you change etc..... Yes there will sometimes be messes and it could happen, but if your existing web host is already causing problems for you, then you don't want to stay with them anyway.

I moved 3 more of my biggest sites recently to another provider, not because I didn't like the old provider, but because this new provider had easier site management facilities (for me). I love the ease of managing multiple sites and domains and sub domains with my new provider. I was already using them for some of my activities and I found them so easy that it made sense to move more sites over to them.

When I moved my sites I spent a week making sure I was setup, I triple checked everything, talked back and forth with the online help, until I understood the process and what I needed to do.

Because of all the help and preparation I only experienced a 3 hour site outage (how awesome was that). Your new host provider will love your custom, even if your a small fish, because they know that if you stay with them the amount of help they need to give you deminishes over time, so naturally they will be very helpful and may bend over backwards to get your business (keep that in mind)



Choosing a cheap reliable Web Host

There are a bundles of individual sites and ISP's who proclaim to be the next best thing in web hosting. Because we know that web hosting is not rocket science, each and every provider should be able to provide the same service, speed, space and delivery.

But business being business many do not. It is going to be impossible for us to recommend a bunch of web hosting companies as unless we are using them ourselves how can we recommend them. I know that you can search the net for the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies and get lists of names, but those recommending them are in it for commissions (which is ok, it is business after all).


However, I will say to be very careful when choosing

For example, just because your ISP provides you with a method of connecting your home to the internet, be it dial up or broadband, it doesn't mean they are a web hosting company.

My connection to the internet is through one of the household cable names in my country. But I will never use them to host my sites, as they want both my arms and legs, and then simply cannot provide that same quality or quantity of choices that are available from Companies who exist primarily for the purpose of Web hosting.

This does not mean every ISP is the same, but do your homework first.

If your new web site is only going to be several pages in depth and you only need a site to have a web presence, then using the free space which many ISP's provide with their service may in fact be perfect for you.

However if you find that your site is down more times then it is up, or you need more space or tools for your growing web site or business, then staying with the ISP and purchasing web space from them out of some sort of loyalty may in fact be damaging to you.


Even if you will be using free web space provided by your ISP make sure you read the section below about Domain Names



Which Web Hosting Companies do we Recommend

I use and recommend both GoDaddy and IXWebhosting

Godaddy is still one of the cheapest and easiest solutions for purchasing of domain names, so you may thing that they would be a logical choice for web hosting.

If you are starting out and only require basic hosting then keeping all of your host needs in one location is a logical option.

We have used GoDaddy for years and they have been perfect for our needs up until now. At the moment we are beginning to phase out our hosting plans with them as we have simply outgrown their services. Only because we employ multiple website's with a complex array of mail accounts and sub domains and we now find Godaddy a little restrictive for our complex needs.


Whilst we now personally use IXWebHosting it does not mean that your needs will not be satisfactory met by Godaddy, in most cases they will.

We do NOT however use IXWebHosting for any of our domain registrations, All our Domain Registrations remain with Godaddy (for reasons outlined below).




Domain Names

Godaddy exists primarily for Domain Name Registering, and does offer a reasonable service at a reasonable price.

Godaddy offers a range of add-ons for each domain, but I admit that I personally cannot see the benefit of some of the add-ons (you may find them useful).


However, they do have one really awesome add-on which I do use and recommend. It will mean that the yearly cost of the Domain Name renewals is a little more expensive but for me it's a no brainier. They allow you to purchase private registration, which means that all your personal details do not appear in the public database of domain name purchasing.

Of course if your a hair dresser working from home and don't mind everyone seeing all your personal information as it may help you obtain extra business, then it won't matter to you. However for many of the sites we deal with the last thing I want is for my private personal residence to be splatted all over the net.

Its not like I am trying to hide from anyone, but I did fall into the trap of receiving late night phone calls from people wanting to sell me things, and all sorts of junk mail and postal scam mail (yes, watch for scam mail, such as hosting bills which may come in looking like they are from your host company for domain renewal but in reality are individuals attempting to defraud you of your money).

Now that we use GoDaddy for ALL our Domain Registrations and have our domains registered with private registration we are no longer hassled.

GoDaddy for Domains


Redirecting the Domain Name

Even though we use GoDaddy for all of our domain registrations we now have most of our website's themselves hosted with IXWebHosting.

We simply redirect the domain name from GoDaddy to IX using the tools provided by Godaddy (this is relatively simple to do, ask them for assistance if need be). So don't be fooled by anyone saying that it can cause you problems, I have NEVER had a problem yet.



Using Free ISP Web Space

If you are going to start out using the free web space which is provided by many ISP's, always purchase a domain name and have it redirected. The last thing you want is to be using a crazy looking url from your ISP, and being stuck with staying with them simply because all your business cards etc are printed with this url.

For example; you may connect to the internet using MrX Internet Services and next month you change ISP's as you come across a better deal with MRZ Internet Services. So by using someone like GoDaddy to register your Domain Name you are not stuck with any particular provider, as all you can simply redirect your Domain to the new ISP.


Why use a Free Url which could look like this:


Why not purchase you own Domain Name like this: WebSite Tonight 125x125

Godaddy is our Number 1 preferred Domain Registration Location



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Domain Names

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