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The Law of Attraction - Sara Series of Books

For those who already enjoy the material from Ester and Jerry you are already be aware the their work is all about the teachings of "The Law of Attaction".


We at SafeShopping have put this page together intirely for the purpose of listing the Sara Books.

These books are best read in order starting at Book One. You can however purchase Book One with no need to go any further, each book starts and finishes on its own so you are not required to purchase any other books in the series. However I believe you will find as I did that you will race out to purchase the other books


The books follow along with Sara, who is a young girl growing up in a small country town. You are taken through the events of her day to day activities. During the process she befriends an owl who can talk, and she begins to learn about her environment.

Please dont be put of from the last paragraph, I know its a bit of a stretch to think that such a story book could have anything to do with The Law of Attraction. I must agree that I too was a little sceptical the first time I picked these books. But the whole series will engage you from start to finish.


What your will discover is a series of books filled with examples of how Sara utilizes the Law of Attraction in her Daily Activities. You will listen to her argue with the owl about how bad things are going in her life, and how this Law of Attraction thing does not make any sense and does not work, as she would not have wished for any of these negative events to be happening in her life, so this is proof of no such Law in existence.

You will see how the owl provides suggestions and how Sara is able to use those suggestions to turn your life around, thus being able to attract through her thoughts and feelings those things that truely make her heart want to sing.



Light Hearted way to view The Law of Attraction

I found this whole series a refreshing and light hearted way of learning to utilize this Law in our daily lives. If you have become stuck with your understanding of how to apply these principles in your life, then seeing how Sara approaches this will provide you with a new and refeshing look of how to use these principle each and every day of your life.

Even though I had been listening and reading all the material in the Wealth Beyond Reason Program for almost 18 months before I came across these books, I discovered that they have helped me to put much of what I learnt into real practical sense.

YES you will understand these books even if you know nothing about The Law of Attraction, in fact I believe they are an awesome place to start.


Do yourself a favor, Grab Book One in the Series Today, or Grab all Three, you will be glad you did. I would also love to hear your feedback and if they have made a difference in you understanding, please email me at



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For those who a not great readers, or like myself just find it easier to listen instead of reading all the time, you can grab these books in audio format. This will enable you to listen to the book over and over again.

What is also awsome about purchasing these books from is that the cost is cheaper then purchasing in book format. If you live outside the USA, Amazon charge a small fortune to send the books by post (as I have come to experience), but now I purchase a lot of my material in audio format. Most of the time I now purchase 2 to 3 books for the same price I use to pay to have just one sent in the mail.

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Sara, Book 1: Sara Learns the Secret about the 'Law of Attraction'

Sara, Book 1: Sara Learns the Secret about the 'Law of Attraction'

This unabridged audiobook offers you, the listener, a thoughtful and inspired formula for generating appreciation, happiness, and good feelings....



Sara, Book 2: Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends

Sara, Book 2: Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends

Solomon (the owl from the first book who "speaks without moving his lips") reappears and gives Sara and her classmate Seth a fresh and enlightening perspective on life on this planet....



Sara, Book 3: A Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words!

Sara, Book 3: A Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words!

"Do you believe in ghosts?" Annette just sort of blurted out. Sara and Seth both looked up at their new friend with surprise....



Sara, Book 1: Sara Learns the Secret about the 'Law of Attraction'


Sara, Book 2: Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends


Sara, Book 3: A Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words!