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This is possibly the best Small Business Accounting Program currently on the market. This is a product which has been developed with simplicity in mind, and when it comes to accounting simplicity is what we want

We at Safe Shopping have tried and tested many accounting programs over the years from many of the corporate and small software developers who claimed that their software was the ultimate in personal accounting, only to walk away scratching our heads.


Accounting seems to be one of those rare personal subjects where we all have our own special requirements, EasyAs are very up front in their vision, they state that "their software will not suit every business or accounting situation and it was not developed to do so".

We agree, whilst this software is simple and basic it's not for everyone, it is aimed specifically at the Home Office, Contractor and Small Business situations. However, it is very unique in its approach and could possibly be used by almost any business entity.

There is not one accounting program in the market that can claim that they have the perfect solution. Which is why there are hundreds of developers in the market place, as there are hundreds of business situations. So be wary if any developer or organization who makes claims that their software is 100% perfect for all situations, because we doubt that it will be.


And yes, this is now our personal accounting software of choice. SafeShopping247 and our other related business entities are using EasyAs Accounting to manage all our accounting needs.

Over the years I have personally tried and tested dozens and dozens of bookkeeping programs put out by the large corporations and other developers. I found that most of them had one thing in common, they were either difficult to understand (which means I needed an accounting degree just to use them), or their was some aspect that just did not suit my needs.


To be fair, these other programs are wonderful in the hands of those individuals who need those types of programs, especially if you need inventory control, and bank account management.

But as I come from small businesses which required almost no inventory control, I found it nearly impossible to make those types of programs useable for my needs.



EasyAs is available to everyone on a Free 30 Day Trial - Click Here


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This means that after the trial period, if the software is suited to your personal accounting needs, you can use the coupon code above to purchase the software for around $80 (how awesome is that)


We suggest that you download and install the software and simply play around with it. You will discover that you can delete the transactions from the system when you finish. Playing around with software (any software) enables you to become more comfortable with using it.

EasyAs have also enhanced their main website over the recent months, and we also suggest you take some time to visit the site and browse over the content. We found some of the suggestions on the site very useful.




When it comes to Personal Accounting we feel that EasyAs tops the list as being one of the most user friendly accounting programs in the Small Business Category in the current market place.
















Visit the EasyAs Accounting Website