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As we all know the windows operating system also installs its own version of email software, but is this the safest way to go?


Why Purchase Email Software ?

I know that a lot of individuals use the free email software which is available on the market and comes with windows. But anyone carrying on a Small Business or anyone who has a need to keep there emails safe should never use the free software.



Fools, Thiefs and just plain Idiots write viruses every day to disrupt and destroy data and computers worldwide. Some do this so that they can attach your personal information for a hope in financial gain, and others do this because they think its cool.

The problem with using the free software available on the market is that all of these creators of viruses and trogens know this, so they create viruses to work with these programs, which is why so many people find themselves with problems time and time again as they continue to use the software Fools, Thiefs and Idiots write viruses for.


I Stopped Using Free Email Software

I have been around the net for around 20 years and in the early day I too used the virus programs that came with windows. It made sense at that time as the operating system costs a bundle to purchase so it left very little for any other programs.

But after I went through a 3 year period when I lost emails after emails, data after data and had to reinstall my computer systems 4 and even 5 times a year due to virus attacks I soon realized that the programs that came with the operating system was useless.

Sense I switched to other programs I have NEVER had a virus attack caused from an email. I do run Nod antivirus as well, but virus programs sometimes overlook new viruses in the early days until they are discovered and updated with the antivirus updates.



What Program Do I Use Today?

For the last 8 years I have been using one program to cater for some 20 email addresses all dealing with multiple businesses. PocoMail is unique because it does not run any code written in the most common language which viruses are coded in.

Most of the Free Email Programs are written in and recieve information from particular software languages, which makes them ideal for the creation of common viruses. Because this email does not allow code written in this laungage to run it instantly stopped me from the many virus attacks of yesterday.



Poco Email

PocoMail the best Email Program for Small Business






PocoMail is a must for anyone wanting to protect there computers from viruses which come in via emails.




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