Open Office

Its Free

Open Office is one of the worlds fastest growing and free word processors. But its not just the word processor, its an all in one office suite. Which includes spread sheets and impressive media presentations.

Best of all you can also open documents sent to you from people using Microsoft Products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft PowerPoint. You can also save the documents you create into the format which can be used by people who are still locked into Microsoft products.

So there is no excuse for your home office, small business, or large corporation to use valuable resources on software which is availabe free of charge.



Why is it Free ?

Open Office first jumped on the scene over 20 years ago as a basic word processor. It has grown to become an industry standard and is now being used by many large corporations world wide.

Its Free because those involved in the project dedicate their time free of charge to developing this awesome product. Yes it does cost money to keep the project running so they do have sponsers and receive donations from the public.



Its Free, So does it mean its very Limited ?

You would have to think that because its free it has many restrictions and packed full of problems. But I am pleased to inform you that it isn't.

This has to be THE Number One Alternative for any individual, contractor, small business, medium and large business. This Software is fast becoming the product of this century.

Everyone loves to bag Microsoft, but in reality the world of computers may not be where it is today if it was not for Microsoft. Yes they have the Monopoly and Yes they may be a little pushy, but I love Windows, I would never want to go back to the old days (yes I was around in the good old days, and it sucked). If you dont like windows then dont use it, but you may find a lot of your software will not work in another plateform.


BUT there is NO NEED for anyone to run out and purchase any document creating software from any software company or distributor when it is freely available. Its FREE from Open Office.


I suggest anyone especially those starting out in business go to Open Office and download a copy. It is as powerful as most other products on the market that cost an arm and a leg.


Download Open Office - FREE

If you want to download a FREE COPY of Open Office all you need do is follow this link .

The file is large and depending on your internet connection it may be an option that you would find uneasy to achieve. If you have a fast internet connection it will be a simple thing to click and download.

If you are unable to download a copy due to restrictions, there are some distributors who offer you the ability to purchase a copy on cd. The cost to purchase a copy on CD is very small, as you will see below.




Or you can Purchase a Copy on Disk

We have found some very reasonable priced distributors of Open Office.

We are always on the lookout for more distributors who offer this product for reasonable distribution prices to other world locations. If you are aware of other sources not listed below, please feel free to tell us - Contact US.


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