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Whilst there are many software programs on the market that help to remove malware and safe guard your computers from attacks of spyware and other nasty critters, we believe that Ad-Aware by LavaSoft is and has been years ahead of the field for a long time.

When we were asked to recommend a choice of software in this category we instantly knew what it would be. All our PC's, both in the office and at home are all guarded with Ad-Aware Pro by Lavasoft


Please do not confuse Ad-Aware Programs with Antivirus Software , they are separate types of programs which perform similar, yet completely different functions. If you are on the internet then you should have a software program that performs both of these tasks.

In many cases you will have 2 separate programs. For example, all our office computers and my personal home pc's have Ad-Aware Pro and Nod Antivirus.


Adware by Lavasoft - Get Adware Pro Today and Stay Protected

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Why do I need this type of Software

Understand that having a program that runs on your pc to protect you from viruses and the like is a must. You should not be on the net if you do not have a virus checking program..

So why would you need anything else ?

Why spend more money for more things ?


Yeah we know, it can really suck having to spend more money for more things just because you want to enjoy using the net. Yet not to be fully protected would be like driving a BMW with all its safety features and then forgetting to wear the seat belt.

Virus programs are just that, they protect you from viruses. Yes many now also protect you from other things, and so they should. But with identity theft and internet fraud on the increase, protecting your personal information is a must.


For example, most virus software programs can safe guard you from receiving a virus when clicking on a site which is infected with viruses. However, what if it was your banking site, what if you had clicked on another unrelated site yesterday and accidentally had a key logging program installed on your machine. You may go to your banking site, log in, check your accounts and happily go out for dinner.

The key logging program recorded your password and user name and all other personal information and then forwarded this information to those who created such software. You happily go out to dinner, while someone is also making a meal out of your bank account.


Ad-Aware by LavaSoft helps to protect you in real time from:

Spyware, worms, Trojans, password stealers, keyloggers, potential identity theft, and other malicious programs.

Ad-Watch Real Time Monitor detects deceptive malware applications before they integrate into your PC and attack your private information

Ad-Aware keeps your passwords and personal information safe to make sure you can socialize freely.


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Why the Pro Version

I personally only use the Pro Version Ad-Aware.

I use to run other versions, but then I discovered that the Pro Version has "Ad Watch" which runs in the background whilst surfing. This component of the program is absolutely the deal clincher for me.

By having "Ad Watch" in the background it automatically closes my browser if I come in contact with a site that is trying to do things, and it also warns me if an attempt is being made to change registry settings or browser home page etc...

I cannot over emphasis the value of "Ad Watch". Even though I would still use Adware by LavaSoft if they didn't have "Ad Watch", its this feature that keeps me coming back.



Why LavaSoft - Why not some other program ?

LavaSoft have been around for a very long time and have become the benchmark standard in software of its type, which is why others strive to copy. So why use a copycat when you could be using the best..

I personally have been using their software for about 8 years and have never experienced any major threat during that time.


I am 100% confident on the net whilst sitting behind their software, as it is always sitting in the background watching every link I click and every website I go to. I have long forgotten the amount of times this software has saved my arse.

Because I am always looking at new things and researching and just scanning the net, I come into contact with lots of negative stuff, sites that want to change registry settings, change the default home page, collect my personal information, and all of the other nasty happenings, but Ad-Aware Pro helps to stop this from happening, dead in its tracks..



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Adware by Lavasoft - Get Adware Pro Today and Stay Protected